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Church Life

Preparing For Worship (10/8/2017)

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Sunday's Sermon Text:

Exodus 14:5-31

Fallowing closely on the heels of the Passover is one the most significant events in the life of Israel. The Lord not only spared them by the sacrificial blood of a lamb, he also by his grace and miraculous power delivers them from slavery. We simultaneously see his grace in salvation and his judgement for sin in this event.

As you prepare for worship this week by reading this passage pay careful attention to the role God plays in saving Israel and in punishing the Egyptians. What has God revealed about himself here and what did he expect of his people as a result?


  • Come Praise & Glorify
  • All I Have is Christ
  • In Christ Alone
  • Because He Lives
  • Come Thou Fount
  • God Undefeatable