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Church Life

Preparing For Worship (8/13/17)

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Sunday's Sermon Text: 

Titus 3:1-8a

Church, we come to the final chapter of Titus this week. Over the next two weeks we will look once again at the truths that Paul is desperate to convey to these churches in Crete. He seeks to declare the glorious gospel of Jesus and examine the new lives that creates in those of us united to him by faith. Our focus this Sunday will be specifically on what we find in Vv.3-8a. We will examine the new lives in Christ we have as a result next week.

As you prepare for worship by reading this passage, please spend time meditating on what Paul says about our lives before Christ and how it is we are saved. This is a great passage to simply read and let lead you into prayers of thanksgiving.


  • Come Praise and Glorify
  • Holy Holy Holy
  • Come Behold the Wondrous Mystery
  • My Worth Is Not In What I Own
  • Jesus is Better