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Our Story

Every church has a story: how it began, how it grew, and where the Lord is leading it now. While many churches have been around for a long time, King's Church is a new church plant in Conroe, so our story is a little unique. Below you will find a short explanation of why we felt called to plant King's Church, how it all began, and what the Lord is doing in our fellowship now.

Our History

In 2013,  Pastor Richard Hutto finished his studies at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas. It was then that the Lord began to draw his heart toward the ministry of church planting.

After much prayer, he accepted an invitation from Redeemer Church in Tomball, Texas to serve as their church planting resident. During the next 18 months, Richard and his family were poured into by the members of Redeemer. While serving alongside their elders and pastoral staff, Richard was able to gain valuable hands-on experience in the ministry as well as observe the nuts and bolts of a healthy, functioning church. This practical knowledge would be invaluable in planting King's Church.

It was at Redeemer, and under the guidance and encouragement of their elders, that Pastor Richard's heart began to feel drawn to the city of Conroe as the location for a new gospel-centered church.

Our City

According to the latest statistics, Conroe is one of the top 10 fastest growing cities in the country. And some estimates propose that more than 50% of the Conroe population has no affiliation with a local church and are not attending Sunday morning services. These may seem like dry statistics, but to our church it is a sign there exists in Conroe a need for more gospel declaring churches.

Also unique to Conroe is its diverse makeup. With a Hispanic population near 50%, Conroe is an ideal location for a church with a vision for the union of believers from all ethnicites, ages, and income.

Our desire from the begining has been to plant a church that reflects the eternal kingdom of God, and since the moment we felt Conroe was the right place to plant, we have been focused on loving, serving, and praying for this city.

Our Name

It was in this way that the Lord first placed King's Church in the hearts of the people of Redeemer. The name of this new body of believers was chosen to remind them of their Savior King who, since the beginning of creation and the subsequent fall of mankind, has been on a mission to restore his kingdom by redeeming his people from their sins. Having accomplished this task through his substitutionary death on the cross and victorious resurrection, he is now working through his church to bring lost sinners home.

King's Church was commissioned in August of 2015 for this very purpose: to tell the people of Conroe about the saving love of Jesus and to invite them into the family of God.

The name King's Church is a testimony to the one who has authority over us, who unites us together regardless of ethnicity, age, or income, and who is worthy of all our honor, worship, and praise.

It is because of the King that this church exists and it is for the King that this church exists.

Our Humble and Hopeful Beginning

And so King's Church was planted. Richard, his family of six, and five other Jesus loving families began meeting together at Covenant Christian School in Conroe, Texas for the purpose of declaring the gospel, making disciples, and delighting in the glory of Christ our King.

It is our prayer that King's Church will be a gospel-centered, multiethnic body of believers that will bring glory to the name of Jesus.

Will you join us?